Trolley vegetable fruit dryer

stainless steel trolley vegetable fruit dryer

The trolley vegetable fruit dryer adopts a stereotyped drying car to support the dried materials. This industrial dryer is suitable for drying various fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other products.

Potato strip cutting machine

peanut strip cutting machine

Commercial potato strip cutting machine can divide materials such as potatoes into 2 petals, 4 petals, 6 petals, and 8 petals.

Vegetable fruit dicing machine

vegetable fruit dicing machine

The commercial vegetable fruit dicing machine is suitable for processing various root, stem vegetables, and fruits into cubes and cuboid shapes.

Down-press fruit and vegetable slicer

fruit vegetable slicer

The down-press type fruit and vegetable slicer is mainly used for slicing root vegetables and fruits. It is suitable for cutting potatoes, lotus roots, onions, bananas, apples, and other products into slices.