Onions are usually a round or oval-shaped home-cooked dish that can be divided into three categories: white, yellow, and red. Onion has a spicy aroma, but it has high nutritional value. Onion has the functions of sterilizing, promoting digestion, lowering blood pressure and blood lipids, preventing cancer, and delaying aging. Processed onion products Onion processing […]

Ginger | turmeric

Ginger not only has high nutritional value but is also a medicinal ingredient. Ginger has many uses, but it is often used as a savory ingredient in dishes. Therefore, ginger is also an important additive in condiments. Processed ginger Products Ginger processing machines



Garlic is a great condiment. Garlic is often added to adjust the flavor when stir-frying or salad dressing. And garlic also has strong sterilization, prevents tumors and cancer, prevents diabetes, and so on. The deep processing products of garlic are also very rich, such as garlic paste, garlic powder, sugar garlic, black garlic, and other […]