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Focus on the research and development, production and sales of fruit and vegetable processing equipment


With professional technical personnel and sales and after-sales personnel, we will wholeheartedly provide you with professional products and services

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We provide 7*24 hours customer service, provide customers with vegetable and fruit equipment products delivery, pre-sales and after-sales consulting services


Let Chinese machines change every corner of the world.

We are committed to using our machines to change the production and lifestyle of customers so that customers can gain profits and grow together with customers.


Create the best platform to help employees grow.


We believe in the people-oriented concept, and only by helping every employee to grow can the company develop and grow.

Our History

Taizy Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, it is a vegetable and fruit processing equipment manufacturer.

At present, Taizy Machinery mainly provides vegetable and fruit processing equipment. Including vegetable and fruit cleaning equipment, vegetable cutting equipment, fruit juice extraction equipment, vegetable, and fruit drying equipment, etc. In addition, Taizy also provides vegetable and fruit production lines, such as washing and drying production lines, vegetable washing and cutting packaging production lines, washing and drying production lines, and so on.

Taizy Machinery is committed to providing high-quality mechanical products and perfect services to customers all over the world. Let automated machinery spread all over the world, change the production and lifestyle of customers. Since its establishment, Taizy has always adhered to this concept and has recruited extensively outstanding business talents and technical personnel to achieve it.

What Taizy Machinery can bring to you?

  • High-quality mechanical products
    We have professional engineers to design mechanical products. The products after production are inspected by the inspection department to make the machine meet the needs of market customers. And we listen to the opinions of customers extensively, and continuously update the machines iteratively.
  • Professional technical service
    After more than ten years of export experience, Taizy has a group of professional technical service personnel. Our technical service personnel exists exclusively to meet customer needs. Our technical service personnel can make customized machine plans and factory placement planning plans according to customer needs.
  • Perfect pre-sales and after-sales service
    Taizy Machinery has a group of professional business personnel. Our business staff can formulate professional quotations according to customer needs, introduce the working performance of the machine in detail and concrete, and provide comprehensive instructions for use and so on. Moreover, we also provide customers with comprehensive after-sales service. If any problems occur during your use, we will help you solve them as soon as possible.