Vegetable cutter is indispensable in fresh-cut vegetable processing

The fresh-cut vegetable industry has now become an emerging industry and is sought after by the majority of young people. Fresh-cut vegetables refer to vegetables that have been cleaned and cut into pieces and packaged directly. After consumers buy this vegetable, they can cook it directly or eat it directly. The ready-to-use feature makes fresh-cut vegetables popular among young people. Therefore, the processing industry of fresh-cut vegetables has also expanded in scale. In the processing of fresh-cut vegetables, a vegetable cutter is a necessary machine. Do you know the vegetable cutter? How much do you know? Let the vegetable cutting machine manufacturer introduce the machine to you.

Introduction of Vegetable Cutter

The vegetable cutting machine adopts the structure of the half-moon cutter plate and the half-moon adjusting plate. If you need to cut different kinds of vegetables or cut them into different shapes, you only need to replace a different hopper.

Restaurant vegetable cutter application
Restaurant Vegetable Cutter Application

The vegetable cutting machine mainly composes of a frame, a conveyor belt, a vegetable pressing belt, a slicing mechanism, a speed regulating box, or a tower wheel speed regulating mechanism.

If used for slicing melons and potato root vegetables, the thickness of the slices can be adjusted within a certain range. The vertical knife part can process leaf soft vegetables or cut slices into various shapes such as cubes and diamonds of different specifications.

Features of vegetable cutter

  • Using a rotating cutter for high-speed cutting, cut various vegetables into sections or slices. The quality of the cut surface is good, the thickness and length of the cut product are uniforms, the cut surface structure is fresh, and the fibrous structure is not damaged.
  • The parts of the machine in contact with vegetables adopts stainless steel, and the conveyor belt and the vegetable pressing belt adopts rubber to ensure long-term work without rust and corrosion;
  • The machine provided by the vegetable cutting machine manufacturer has high cutting efficiency, convenient operation, low energy consumption, hygiene, and safety.
  • Low failure rate. Separate motors are used for the vegetable conveying part and the vegetable cutting part, which do not affect each other.
  • Wide application range.

Leafy vegetables, such as long onions, garlic sprouts, leeks, celery, cabbage, green vegetables, etc.

Roots, such as radishes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro, bamboo shoots, onions, eggplants, apples, ginger, etc.

  • It can cut vegetables and fruits into slices, pieces, silk, cubes, diamonds, and curves.
Fresh-cut vegetable show
Fresh-Cut Vegetable Show

Precautions for using a vegetable cutter

  1. After each use of the vegetable cutter, clean the machine in time to ensure that there is no food and no residue left in the machine;
  2. Lubricate key parts and screws regularly, choose No. 20 engine oil, and fill it with ten drops each time.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to put stone or metal materials when cutting vegetables to prevent damage to the blade
  4. If the conveyor belt and the vegetable pressing belt are found to be loose, adjust the tension bolts or adjust the spring pressure to the appropriate position in time.
  5. When cleaning the conveyor belt, adjust the speed of the conveyor belt to a slow speed and clean it with a soft object such as a sponge. At the same time, a small stream of water is used to send water to the conveyor belt vendor to remove the residue on the conveyor belt.
  6. After each use of the machine, it is best to apply oil on the knife to isolate oxygen to prevent rust.