Pineapple processing machines for sale

As an important fresh tropical fruit, pineapple has a strong fragrance, sweet and sour taste, and rich nutrition. Therefore, it is also well received by consumers. However, like fresh fruit, it has a short shelf life. Fruits that cannot be sold within the best shelf life are bound to be processed into pineapple products with a long shelf life. In the process of processing pineapple, pineapple processing machines are also inevitable. Taizy offers a variety of pineapple processing machines.

Variety of processed pineapple products

There are many kinds of products that can be processed by pineapple. Not only the pineapple pulp has various processing methods, but even pineapple leaves and discarded pineapple residues can be transformed into treasures. Pineapple leaves can be processed into socks and shirts, which have natural breathability and sterilization functions. Waste pineapple residue can be used to extract Bromelain which has cosmetic and medicinal use. Pineapple pulp can be processed into pineapple juice, pineapple slices, pineapple powder, freeze-dried pineapple, and other products.

Pineapple processing machines
Pineapple Processing Machines

Pineapple processing machines introduction

Common pineapple processing machines mainly include pineapple peeler, pineapple core peeler, pineapple juicer, pineapple slicer, pineapple dryer, pineapple freeze dryer, pineapple powder grinder, and other machines.

The pineapple peeling machine can peel the whole pineapple with the skin. The head and tail of the pineapple need to be manually removed before peeling.

Automatic pineapple peeling machine
Automatic Pineapple Peeling Machine

The pineapple peeling coring machine has the function of peeling core and core, the machine can equip with a slicer to make pineapple slices.

Pineapple peeling coring machine
Pineapple Peeling Coring Machine

If you want to make pineapple juicing, you need to use a pineapple juicer. The pineapple juicing machine first crushes the whole pineapple and then squeezes the juice. It widely applies for squeezing various fruits and vegetables.

Pineapple juice making machine
Pineapple Juice Making Machine

The pineapple slicer is a down-pressure fruit and vegetable slicer. It requires a person to manually press the pineapple slices, and the thickness of the slices can be adjusted.

Pineapple slicer machine
Pineapple Slicer Machine

The sliced pineapple can be placed in a dryer for drying. Taizy mainly provides small pallet trolley dryers and continuous mesh belt dryers. The dryer adopts an intelligent control panel, which can intelligently control the temperature and time during the drying process, and control the dehumidification.

Pineapple fruit dryer
Pineapple Fruit Dryer

The production of freeze-dried pineapple slices requires a pineapple freeze dryer. Similar to dryers, freeze dryers have small and large machines.

Pineapple slice freezer
Pineapple Slice Freezer

Pineapple product processing steps

pineapple juice

The extraction of pineapple juice requires the steps of peeling the pineapple and squeezing the juice. Therefore, it needs to use a pineapple peeling machine or a pineapple core peeling machine, and a pineapple juicer.

Pineapple juice processing machine
Pineapple Juice Processing Machine

Dried pineapple slices

The production of dried pineapple slices requires the steps of pineapple peeling, slicing, and drying. Therefore, it requires the use of a pineapple core peeler, pineapple slicer, and dryer.

Dried pineapple ananas slice machine
Dried Pineapple Ananas Slice Machine

Pineapple powder

Pineapple powder is made by grinding on the basis of dried pineapple slices. In addition to the machinery needed to make dried pineapple slices, it also needs a flour mill.

Pineapple powder processing machine
Pineapple Powder Processing Machine

Freeze-dried pineapple slices

The production of freeze-dried pineapple only needs to change the drying step of the dried pineapple slices into a freeze-drying step. Therefore, the production of freeze-dried pineapple slices requires a pineapple core peeler, slicer, and quick-freezer.

Freeze-dried pineapple slices processing
Freeze-Dried Pineapple Slices Processing