automatic pineapple peeling coring machine

Pineapple peeling coring machine | ananas core remover machine

Automatic pineapple peeling machine focuses on pineapple peeling. It has two models, automatic peeling and peeling and core removal machine.

Quick Details

Model: TZ-P-1,TZ-P-2
Applicable Industries: Pineapple,ananas,papaya, taro,cantaloupe,wax gourd, grapefruit
Power: 0.75KW,1.5KW
Brand Name: Taizy
Video Outgoing-inspection: Yes
Warranty: One year
Customized service: Yes
Payment: T/T,L/C,Trade Assurance,Western Union

The automatic pineapple peeling machine involves the peeling of pineapples and pineapples that are specifically difficult to peel. Place the pineapple on the machine, and the machine can peel the pineapple in a few seconds. The peeling is clean, the surface of the pulp is smooth, and no secondary processing is required. According to the peeling effect, the commercial pineapple core remover machine has two models: peeler and core remover. They can complete different treatments of peeling and cored pineapple. The machine has the characteristics of large processing capacity, good peeling effect, and reduced pollution.

Why do we need an automatic pineapple peeling machine?

Pineapple ananas peeling machine peeling effect
Pineapple Ananas Peeling Machine Peeling Effect

Peeling pineapple is a cumbersome and slow process. For large fruit processing plants, canned fruit production plants, and pineapple juice processing plants, it needs a lot of pineapples. The first step in processing a pineapple is to peel the pineapple. Manual peeling is not only inefficient but also unsanitary. The emergence of the automatic pineapple peeling machine replaces manual peeling, greatly liberating labor and improving production efficiency.

Application of pineapple core remover machine

Commercial pineapple peeler machine application
Commercial Pineapple Peeler Machine Application

This machine is mainly used for peeling pineapples. At the same time, it can also apply to peeling papaya, taro, cantaloupe, wax gourd, grapefruit, and other products. It can customize the distance of the knife axis according to the size of the fruit. Therefore, the pineapple peeling machine is suitable for peeling melons and fruits of various sizes

Automatic pineapple peeling machine classification

Commercial pineapple peeler

Automatic pineapple peeling machine
Automatic Pineapple Peeling Machine

The commercial pineapple peeler only has a peeling function. This peeling machine uses upper and lowers fixed shafts to fix the pineapple on the horizontal shaft. The upper and lower shafts rotate the pineapple, and the peeling cutter automatically peels the pineapple. The machine can realize peeling of different sizes of melons and fruits by controlling the distance between the upper and lower fixed shafts.

pineapple peeling and coring machine

Pineapple peeling coring machine
Pineapple Peeling Coring Machine

The automatic pineapple peeling and coring machine is a horizontal peeling machine with two functions: peeling and coring. This machine can complete the two processes of peeling and poke to obtain cylindrical pineapple fruit tubes. Before using the machine, you need to manually remove the head and tail of the pineapple. Then manually place the pineapple horizontally on the material rack, and the air cylinder pushes the pineapple forward. The special skinning knife cuts the skin of the pineapple and pushes it into the high-speed rotating skinning knife barrel. The peeling knife barrel cuts off the outer skin of the pineapple, and at the same time, the stabbing knife in the feeding rod stabs the pineapple heart, thereby obtaining a cylindrical fruit barrel. If you only need to peel the skin without stabs, you can remove the stab knife in the feed rod.

Features of pineapple core remover machine

Commercial pineapple core removal machine structure
Commercial Pineapple Core Removal Machine Structure
  • The pineapple core remover machine is not only suitable for peeling pineapple, but also for peeling papaya, wax gourd, grapefruit, and other fruits.
  • High efficiency, safe and reliable, adjustable peeling thickness, easy to operate.
  • The special design of the peeling knife holder allows the melon peel to be discharged in a directional direction, which is convenient for collection and cleaning.
  • The cutting tool set up and down cycle cutting; the peeling rate reaches more than 95%;
  • Widely used in the catering industry, large canteens, canteens, food processing plants, western restaurants, tea restaurants and other occasions
  • The distance between the upper and lower fixed shafts can be customized according to the size of the fruit.


TZ-P-10.75KW750*500*1680mm 95KG120PCS/H 

Pineapple peeling machine working video

Ananas core remover machine details

  • The steel blade is durable and can discharge the melon skin directionally with high efficiency.
  • The top cone fixed point, according to the size of the material, press the key to adjust the fixed shaft to fix the material for easy control.
  • The fixed point of the bottom triangle tip can better hold the material. The material does not rotate due to rotation and peels quickly.