The working principle of pineapple juice making machine

The original name of pineapple is ananas, it is native to Brazil. It is popular because of its beautiful shape, juicy and sweet taste, and special fragrance. Pineapple is rich in nutrients, and the pineapple juice obtained after using the pineapple juicer is delicious. Commercial screw juicers have a wide range of uses, large squeezing power, and high juice output efficiency. Therefore, commercial pineapple juice making machine has become the best choice for small and medium-sized businesses.

Pineapple juice is nutritious

The pineapple enzyme in pineapple can dissolve fibrin and blood clots in tissues, which is beneficial to eliminate inflammation and Edema.

Pineapple juice
Pineapple Juice

The sugars, salts, and enzymes contained in pineapple have diuretic properties and are beneficial to patients with nephritis and hypertension.

Pineapple is sweet and flat in nature, has the functions of invigorating the stomach and eliminating food, and quenching thirst with qing jin.

Using fresh pineapple squeezed into juice to scrub rough skin has the effect of cleansing the skin, and it can also prevent the growth of acne.

Working principle of pineapple juice making machine

The pineapple juice-making machine is mainly composed of two parts: a crushing device and a screw squeezing device. The crushing device applies for crushing the whole piece of pineapple into small pieces. Then the broken pineapple enters the spiral juicer for juicing.

How to use pineapple juicer to squeeze pineapple juice?

The crushing device is driven by a pair of belt pulleys to rotate the main shaft at a constant speed. Bored to be shredded by a high-speed rotating hammer. The chopped pineapple is thrown out of the screen mesh by the machine through centrifugal force. The particle size broken by the crushing device reaches 2~5mm.

Pineapple juice making machine with crushing
Pineapple Juice Making Machine With Crushing

The spiral squeezing part applies for squeezing the pineapple to produce juice. The screw rotates in the direction of the slag outlet. The screw pushes the pineapple block forward, the volume of the screw cavity is reduced, and the squeezing force of the pineapple is increased. The squeezed pineapple juice flows through the filter into the juice container at the bottom. The waste is discharged through the gap between the spiral and the tapered part.

Other pineapple processing machines

In addition to the pineapple juicer, Taizy fruit and vegetable processing equipment manufacturer also provides other pineapple processing machines. Such as pineapple peeler, pineapple slicer, pineapple slice dryer, and other machines. If you are interested in pineapple processing machines, please contact us.

Pineapple processing machines
Pineapple Processing Machines