Ginger garlic slicer machine
Ginger garlic slicer machine

Ginger garlic slicer machine for sale

The commercial ginger garlic slicer machine can also be used for slicing potatoes, onions, ginger, apples and other materials.

Quick Details

The garlic slicer machine is a versatile slicer, it can also be called a ginger slicer. In addition, it can also apply to potato, lotus root, apple, pear, radish, cucumber, taro slices, and other stalk and root fruit and vegetable slices. The garlic slices cut with this garlic slicer machine are neat in shape and even in thickness. It is an ideal slicing machine for the food processing industry, frozen food pages, vegetable processing enterprises, etc.

Application of commercial garlic slicer machine

The slicing efficiency of the commercial garlic slicer machine is extremely high, which is dozens of times that of a manual. It can be used to process garlic chips, ginger chips, potato chips, taro chips, yam tablets, and other products. The cut vegetable slices are uniform in thickness and size, and the cut surface tissue is fresh and will not damage the fibrous tissue. Besides, we can also provide other garlic processing machines, such as garlic root cutters, garlic peeling machines, garlic cloves drying machines, etc.

Commercial garlic slicer machine application
commercial garlic slicer machine application

Raw material requirements for garlic slicing machine

Although this garlic slicer machine can cut a variety of materials, it has requirements for the humidity of the processed materials.

  • Wet materials will be easier to cut than dry materials. If a garlic slicer is used to cut materials that are too dry, it may cut the materials into powder.
  • Materials with higher viscosity can increase the slice thickness of the slicer.
Garlic slicing machine
garlic slicing machine

Operation process of ginger garlic slicer machine

  • Feeding: After turning on the machine, put the materials into the feeding port (continuously uninterrupted).
  • Slicing: The material is in contact with the material, and the material is cut into slices by centrifugal force, which can be sliced continuously.
  • Discharge: The material is discharged from the discharge port.
Garlic slicer machine for sale
garlic slicer machine for sale

Operating skills of ginger garlic slicer

The material can be fed continuously, and the materials are squeezed against each other (the equipment is based on the centrifugal principle), and the slicing effect is better;

Larger materials can be lubricated with water to prevent chip breakage (the equipment is equipped with a water inlet);

When the material is discharged into the water, the material can be kept intact, and the original color of the material can be better protected

How to use ginger garlic slicing machine

  • When adjusting the garlic slicer, first loosen and tighten the copper column nut. Then turn the nut and the thickness direction of the copper column to adjust. After the thickness is adjusted, the nut and the copper post must be tightened. If the cutter head is parallel to the blade, do not turn on the machine. The cutter head must be lower than the blade before the machine can be cut. The thickest adjustment is about 3mm, and the thinner can be steplessly adjusted.
  • Insert the hex handle into the hole on the side of the machine. Turn the direction of the wheel to change the knife. When changing the knife, loosen the two hexagonal screws of the blade and insert the blade to replace them.
Ginger slicing machine
ginger slicing machine

Precautions for using the garlic slicer machine

  • The knife basin is often rubbed with oil to avoid dirt sticking. If the pill tails and small fragments appear, this indicates that the softening is not proper or the blade is not sharp, and the knife must be replaced or sharpened. It is too thin to cut.
  • Slice viscous medicines such as Tianyun, Shengdi, Yuanshen, and Gastrodia elata, and cut with water on the surface.

Hot sale type ginger slicer machine parameters

Voltage: 110-220-380V
Power: 1500W
Size: 970*700*1040cm, 150kg
Output: 500kg/h

Garlic slicing machine video