fresh garlic root stem cutting machine

Fresh garlic root stem cutting machine

Fresh garlic root cutting machine is mainly used to remove garlic roots. It has fast root cutting speed and good cutting effect, which is suitable for field and home work.

Quick Details

Model: TZ-1000
Applicable Industries: garlic root stem cutting
Power: 0.16kw
Brand Name: Taizy
Video Outgoing-inspection: Yes
Warranty: One year
Customized service: Yes
Payment: T/T,L/C,Trade Assurance,Western Union

Fresh garlic root cutting machine is also called garlic root remover. It is suitable for cutting fresh garlic and rhizomes with stalks after drying. This kind of machine has fast cutting speed and a good cutting effect. It is very suitable for field or home use. The garlic root stem cutting machine can not only be used to remove the roots of garlic, but it is also suitable for cutting roots and seedlings of onions, single garlic, small root garlic, and other root crops.

The garlic root cutting machine greatly reduces the labor intensity

The emergence of the garlic root cutting machine has replaced human labor, and it can cut the rod and remove the beard at one time. Moreover, the root cutting speed is fast and the root cutting effect is good. This new garlic root stem cutter saves the cost of manual root cutting and the problem of employing too many people.

Processing fresh garlic
Processing Fresh Garlic

The main components of the garlic root removing machine

The automatic garlic root removing machine includes a frame, an automatic feeding device, a click, and a conveying structure. It adopts dual motors to rotate at high speed in opposite directions at the same time, and the cutting blade adopts a manganese steel blade for sharpness, wear resistance, and good cutting effect. The use of this machine to cut the roots of garlic greatly saves manpower and labor. Put garlic into the machine from the entrance, and the machine can automatically cut the roots of the garlic.

Garlic root removing machine
Garlic Root Removing Machine

How to maintain an automatic garlic stem cutter?

  • Before starting up or every 10 hours of work, check the oil level.
  • Use SAELOW-30 oil lubricated with API classification SE, SF, SG level equivalent.
  • The air filter should be disassembled and cleaned at appropriate intervals;
  • Please use pure gasoline as fuel, not mixed oil or dirty oil.
Cutted garlic
Cutted Garlic

Automatic fresh garlic root cutting machine advantages

  • The machine is small in size, suitable for field and homework
  • It can remove the roots and stems of garlic at one time.
  • Automatically cut the roots and remove the seedlings, and automatically put the cut garlic into the bag:
  • The cutting is clean, the cutting speed is fast, and the effect is good.
  • The roots are removed and the garlic cloves are not damaged, the output is large, and the work efficiency is high
  • The cutting depth of automatic root cutting and seedling removal can be automatically adjusted according to the size of the garlic
Fresh garlic root cutting machine
Fresh Garlic Root Cutting Machine

Parameters of garlic root stem cutting machine

Rotating speed200r/min

Machine running video