Garlic is a great condiment. Garlic is often added to adjust the flavor when stir-frying or salad dressing. And garlic also has strong sterilization, prevents tumors and cancer, prevents diabetes, and so on. The deep processing products of garlic are also very rich, such as garlic paste, garlic powder, sugar garlic, black garlic, and other […]

What are the garlic processing machines?

garlic processing

The deep-processed garlic products made by the garlic processing machines are also rich in nutrition. Such as garlic mash, garlic powder, garlic flakes, black garlic and so on.

Fresh garlic root stem cutting machine

fresh garlic root stem cutting machine

Fresh garlic root cutting machine is mainly used to remove garlic roots. It has fast root cutting speed and good cutting effect, which is suitable for field and home work.

Automatic garlic separating peeling line

The garlic garlic separating peeling line is suitable for garlic splitting and peeling of various sizes. It has large processing capacity and high degree of automation, which is suitable for large garlic processing plants.

Garlic clove separator machine

Garlic clove separator machine

The garlic clove separator machine uses rollers to imitate human hand movements to split garlic. The peeling rate can reach more than 98% without harming the garlic.

Garlic peeling machine

garlic peeling machine

The garlic peeling machine is a peeling machine specially developed for the characteristics of garlic.