Automatic garlic separating peeling line

The garlic garlic separating peeling line is suitable for garlic splitting and peeling of various sizes. It has large processing capacity and high degree of automation, which is suitable for large garlic processing plants.

Quick Details

The entire garlic separating peeling line has a reasonable design and a high degree of automation. The garlic clove production line processes garlic into individual peeled garlic cloves. This industrial garlic peeling production line is mainly composed of hoisting machines, garlic splitting machines, hoisting machines, picking machines, garlic peeling machines, and other machines. The whole production line is reasonably collocated and has a high degree of automation. It applies to garlic of various sizes, and the garlic cloves are not easy to damage, and the peeling rate is high.

Garlic separating peeling line production Process

The production process of the whole garlic separating and peeling production line: conveyor, garlic splitting machine, conveyor, picking machine, garlic peeling machine, peeling garlic.

Garlic peeling processing line process
Garlic Peeling Processing Line Process

Garlic peeling production line machine details

The main function of the conveyor is to transport garlic to the garlic splitting machine. The machine is mainly driven by a motor, and the conveying speed can be adjusted.


The garlic clove splitting machine uses the gap between the upper and lower silicone rubber plates and the centrifugal force to squeeze and rub the whole garlic. Therefore, the whole garlic is divided into small cloves. This machine can realize the automatic separation of garlic stem and separated garlic.

Garlic splitting machine
Garlic Splitting Machine

The selection machine mainly uses the artificial selection of undivided or incompletely divided garlic.

The garlic peeling machine is a dry peeling machine, the garlic peeled by this machine does not need to be washed. The machine adopts a special peeling design. During the peeling process, the garlic cloves are not squeezed by the blade or mechanical impact. Therefore, the garlic cloves peeled by the garlic peeling machine have high integrity and freshness.

Continuous onion peeling machine
Continuous Onion Peeling Machine

Automatic garlic separating peeling line advantages

1. High degree of automation, high production efficiency, saving manpower and material resources

2. Energy saving and environmental protection, friendly to the environment and will not waste raw materials

3. All garlic processing machines adopt food-grade materials and comply with food safety and sanitation standards.

4. The machine design is reasonable, the appearance is exquisite and generous, and the internal structure is compact.

Garlic clove processing machine
Garlic Clove Processing Machine

Garlic peeling processing machine parameters

ConveyorConveyor belt
power: 0.75kw/380v
conveyor belt size: 2200x700x1500(MM)
adjustable speed
Garlic splitting machineGarlic splitter
power: 2 (KW) / 380 (V)
Weight: 120 (KG)
201 Stainless steel
output: 1000-1500 (KG/H)
ConveyorConveyor belt
power: 0.75kw/380v
conveyor belt size: 2200x700x1500(MM)
Continuous onion peeling machineGarlic peeling machine
power: 3(KW)/380(V)
Size: 250010001800(MM)
Output: 1000(KG/H)

Industrial garlic clove production line video

Other garlic processing machines

In addition to the above garlic splitting machine and garlic peeling machine, Taizy Machinery also provides other garlic processing machines. Such as garlic washing machine, garlic grading machine, garlic root cutting machine, garlic paste making machine, and other garlic processing machines.