garlic peeling machine
garlic peeling machine

Garlic peeling machine

The garlic peeling machine is a peeling machine specially developed for the characteristics of garlic.

Quick Details

Applicable Industries: Garlic peeling
Brand Name: Taizy
Video Outgoing-inspection: Yes
Warranty: One year

The garlic skin removing machine is a peeling machine specially developed for the characteristics of garlic. The machine mainly uses the powerful airflow generated by the air compressor to form a cyclone to remove the outer membrane of garlic. The drying barrel of this machine has a hot air circulation function, which can keep the garlic dry even in a humid climate. This ginger garlic peeling machine is widely used in garlic processing plants and food factories.

Characteristics of garlic skin removing machine

  • Adopts the compressed air to peel, basically no damage to garlic.
  • The peeling rate is high, and the garlic peeling effect remains stable
  • High output, complete varieties, with a variety of output models of 30-1500 kg per hour to choose from.
  • Imitation of manual peeling, the peeling process keeps the garlic intact and guarantees long-term storage
  • The whole machine adopts food-grade materials, no rust, no damage.
Commercial garlic peeler
Commercial Garlic Peeler



How dry garlic peeling machine works?

The dry garlic peeling machine mainly uses compressed air as the main power to realize the peeling of garlic. It mainly uses the compressed air produced by the air compressor to naturally peel the garlic. Through the control of electricity and gas, the garlic guide, peeling, and discharging can be completed automatically. The automatic dry garlic peeler does not contact water at all during the peeling process and does not pollute the environment. Before peeling with the machine, you need to use a garlic splitter machine to separate the garlic.

The difference between dry and wet garlic skin removing machine

The dry garlic peeler machine uses compressed air as the main power and does not contact water during the whole peeling process. The wet garlic skin removal machine needs to use water in the garlic peeling process. The wet peeling method is generally used in garlic deep processing plants. Because the wet peeling method will cause serious pollution to the environment. Therefore, the use of wet peeling methods has now been banned, and more dry peeling methods are used.

Process garlic from garlic bulb into peeled garlic
Garlic Processing

Dry-type garlic skin remover improves work efficiency

The automatic garlic skin remover machine is developed and transformed on the basis of the original manual peeling. Compared with the traditional manual peeling method, the peeling effect is good and does not hurt the garlic. This garlic peeling machine is not only suitable for peeling garlic but also suitable for peeling onions. It is suitable for the production of starch factories, dehydrated vegetable factories, canteens, and restaurants. The automatic dry garlic peeler has the characteristics of simple structure, stable operation, and low noise.

Types of ginger garklic skin removing machine

According to the different processing output of the garlic peeler, there are mainly two types of garlic peeling machines: small and automatic type.

Mini garlic skin peeling machine

Mini garlic skin peeling machine
Mini Garlic Skin Peeling Machine

The production output range of the small garlic skin peeling machine is 20~300kg/h. It mainly adopts the manual feeding method. However, it can also be matched with a conveyor belt for automatic feeding. This small peeling machine is generally used in restaurants and small garlic processing plants.

Chain type automatic garlic peeling machine

Fully automatic garlic peeling machine for removing garlic skin
Automatic Garlic Skin Removing Machine

The chainplate garlic peeling machine is an automatic peeling machine modified on the basis of a small peeling machine. The automatic machine can realize automatic feeding and discharging. No labor is required from feeding to discharging. It uses the same air compression principle as the small machine and is a dry peeling. The output of the chainplate garlic skin removing machine is at least 500kg/h.