continuous vegetable blanching machine
continuous vegetable blanching machine

Continuous vegetable blanching machine | fruit blanching sterilizer

The continuous vegetable blanching machine is an indispensable machine in vegetable processing. It has the functions of blanching and cooling.

Quick Details

Applicable Industries: Vegetables, beverages, soy products, milk
Brand Name: Taizy
Video Outgoing-inspection: Yes
Warranty: One year
Material: SUS304

The industrial continuous vegetable blanching machine is a blanching device in the color protection process of fruit and vegetable processing. This equipment integrates blanching and cooling. It has the characteristics of rapid deactivation, enzyme inhibition, color protection, and dehydration and cooling. The vegetable cooking blanching machine can be used for cooking and blanching of fruit, root vegetables, fruit slices, etc., and can also be used for blanching meat-packed products. The whole machine adopts all 304 stainless steel, double-layer mesh belts. The heating method adopts boiler steam or boiler hot water or electric heating, which is easy to operate and has a low failure rate.

The importance of vegetable blanching machine

Vegetable fruit blanching machine application
Vegetable Fruit Blanching Machine Application

The vegetable blanching sterilizing machine is suitable for cooking and blanching fruits, vegetables, aquatic products, and other materials. It is an indispensable machine in the pretreatment process of quick freezing, dehydration, and freeze-drying. This machine has the characteristics of rapid deactivation, enzyme inhibition and color protection, and timely dehydration and cooling. The blanching process effectively prevents the activity of enzymes in fruits and vegetables, maintains the unique fresh color of fruits and vegetables, discharges the green odor of vegetables, and retains fragrance. It enhances the softness of cells, is conducive to water transpiration, and is powerful for the next dehydration process. conduct.

Working principle of vegetable cooking blanching machine

Industrial vegetable fruit cooking blanching machine
Industrial Vegetable Fruit Cooking Blanching Machine

The equipment uses electric energy or steam as an energy source. It is designed and manufactured according to the principles of thermodynamics and various food requirements. It can blanch products of different specifications. The vegetable blancher sterilizer machine puts the material into boiling water for cooking and then drives it forward through the network chain conveyor. It has two parts: blanching and cooling. The blanching time and temperature are automatically controlled, and the blanching process is simple and safe. Save water consumption and energy.

How to blanch vegetables?

Vegetable blanching
Vegetable Blanching

The vegetable blanching machine mainly includes two parts: blanching and cooling. When using the blanching machine to blanch and blanch, just inject water into the machine through the water injection port, and put the vegetables into the device for blanching and blanching after heating. The blanching time and temperature can be set according to different blanching materials. After the vegetables are blanched, they are conveyed by the conveyor belt to the next cooling process for cooling. The cooling step can effectively improve the color of vegetables and extend the shelf life of food.

Features of vegetable boiling blanching machine

1. The whole machine adopts high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, with water as the medium, divided into two parts, the bleaching tank, and the cooling tank. The blanching temperature and speed can be set according to the requirements of material processing technology.

2. The industrial vegetable and fruit blanching and sterilizing machine is a new product that absorbs foreign advanced technology and combines the current production technology of domestic food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and other industries to successfully develop a new product integrating sterilization, blanching, cooling, and integration.

3. Completely solve the “randomness” caused by the low degree of automation in the blanching process, strengthen the “consistency”, and greatly improve the success rate of blanching and finishing.

Fruit blanching sterilizer machine details
Fruit Blanching Sterilizer Machine Details

4. The equipment is also suitable for the marinating and maturation of poultry eggs, meat, fish, shells, etc., as well as the sterilization of canned food such as pickles, fruits, and fungi.

5. The water temperature is automatically controlled by the temperature controller and can be set at will. The heat source can be steam heating, electric heating, etc., and the speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion. The double-layer insulation material is currently the most advanced food and vegetable blanching equipment in China.

6. The industrial continuous vegetable blanching machine can realize standardization and continuous operation, and enhance the processing strength and overall image of the enterprise.

7. The equipment has a compact structure and a high degree of automation, which is suitable for enterprises of various processing scales.

8. Short investment recovery time and high productivity can replace a large number of manual operations, reducing labor costs and labor intensity for enterprises.