What are the garlic processing machines?

As an agricultural product that we often see on the dinner table, garlic is rich in nutrients. The garlic’s spicy flavor and oxidized spicy smell of garlic have a stimulating effect on the intestines. The garlic products that have undergone deep processing and deformation are also diverse. For the production of these garlic deep-processed products, it is bound to require the use of garlic processing machines. So what are the garlic deep-processed products? Which garlic processing machines are there?

The necessity of garlic deep processing

Garlic deep processing
Garlic Deep Processing

Garlic is widely used in condiments, health food, and pharmaceutical industries. For a long time, garlic has often been used as a condiment raw material on people’s tables. With the improvement of people’s living standards, the application of garlic in the health product industry and the pharmaceutical industry has been developed. Garlic species contain high healthcare functional ingredients, it has a great contribution to assist digestion, enhance immunity, and so on. The use of garlic processed garlic, garlic sugar, and other products and then processed into capsules, oral liquid, and other health products have great market potential.

Garlic deep-processed products

Garlic deep processed products
Garlic Deep Processed Products

There are many kinds of deep-processed garlic products. There are mainly garlic powder, garlic slices, garlic oil, allicin, alliin, black garlic, sweet and sour garlic, and other products.

What are the garlic processing machines?

If you want to use garlic as a raw material to make deep-processed garlic products, you need to use a garlic processing machine. According to the garlic deep processing products, there are many garlic processing machines. The following is an introduction to garlic processing machines that you often use.

Garlic clove separator

Garlic clove separator machine
Garlic Clove Separator Machine

The garlic clove separator machine is a machine that divides the whole garlic into individual garlic cloves. The machine imitates a person’s manual rubbing to divide garlic into pieces. This machine is the first step in processing garlic. It occupies an important position in garlic processing.

Garlic paste machine

Industrial garlic paste machine
Industrial Garlic Paste Machine

The garlic paste machine is not only used to grind garlic into a mashed substance, it can also be applied to onions, ginger, and other substances. The garlic paste-making machine has a large processing capacity. It is the best helper for restaurants and garlic processing plants.

Garlic peeling machine

Garlic peeling machine
Garlic Peeling Machine

Not only garlic, but other deep-processed garlic products require garlic peeling. Garlic peeling machine is also a very widely used machine in garlic processing. According to the output of garlic processed, garlic peeling machines mainly include small and chain plate garlic peeling machines. The garlic peeler adopts the principle of air compression to peel, and there is no restriction on the variety and size of garlic. And the garlic will not be damaged during the peeling process.

In addition to the garlic processing machines frequently asked by the above customers, we also have garlic root cutters, garlic slicers, garlic grinders, garlic dryers, garlic powder packaging machines, black garlic machines, and other machines. And we also have a garlic peeling production line, garlic powder production line, and other production lines.

If you want a garlic processing machine, please contact us, we will send you the details of the machine as soon as possible.


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