Fruit and vegetable washing machine working principle

Fruit and vegetable washing machine is welcomed by customers because of its wide range of applications. It replaces manual labor, reduces labor intensity, and improves work efficiency. Fruit and vegetable washing machine is a kind of high-efficiency and low-energy-consumption washing equipment. It occupies an important position in clean vegetable processing, salad processing, and fruit and vegetable sorting factories.

This machine works as the first cleaning of fruits and vegetables. It is an indispensable machine in the processing of vegetables and fruits. So what is the working principle of the fruit and vegetable washing machine? As vegetable washing machine manufacturers, the following introduces the working principle of washing machines.

Working principle of fruit and vegetable washing machine

The fruit and vegetable cleaning machine mainly composes of a blower, a circulating water pump, and a high-pressure water pump. The blower applies for blow into the water to produce the effect of tumbling bubbles.

The circulating water pump ensures that the water in the pool is recycled. This machine has the advantage of saving water. The high-pressure water pump installs at the end of the washing machine, and it connects to the water pipe to spray the fruits and vegetables under high pressure. This is the second washing of fruits and vegetables.

Vegetable fruit cleaning machine application
Vegetable Fruit Cleaning Machine Application

First of all, the air blower drives the water in the pool to roll, and the tumbling water drives the fruits and vegetables to continuously roll to achieve the effect of cleaning. At the same time, the tumbling bubbles drive the fruits and vegetables to the end of the machine. The elevator lifts the cleaned fruits and vegetables to the high-pressure spray area.

The upper high-pressure spray water pipe sprays the fruits and vegetables at the bottom for secondary cleaning. The water in the pool is continuously circulated under the action of the circulating water pump, and the residue in the pool filters out with the circulating water.

Why choose a bubble cleaning machine to wash vegetables and fruits?

Vegetable washing machine manufacturers provide three types of washing machines, bubble washing machines, vortex washing machines, and brush washing machines. The bubble cleaning machine has a very wide range of applications, it can clean various types of vegetables and fruits.

Whether it is whole fruits and vegetables or chopped fruits and vegetables, it can be cleaned. Moreover, the bubble tumbling cleaning will not harm the fruits and vegetables. And it can maintain the integrity of the fruits and vegetables to the greatest extent. Therefore, it is the best cleaning equipment for cleaning fruits and vegetables in fruit and vegetable processing plants.

The fresh-cut vegetable processing industry has broad prospects

The shelf life of fresh vegetables is relatively short, so methods of cleaning, cutting, and aseptic packaging of vegetables have emerged. After cleaning, dicing, and packaging, clean vegetables have significant advantages for storage, transportation, and distribution.

Clean dishes are clean and hygienic, and consumers can cook and eat directly, which greatly meets the consumer demand of consumers. Therefore, clean vegetables after cleaning, packaging, and other processing are sought after by young people and have a large consumer market.

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