orange fruit washing machine

Orange fruit washing machine

The orange washing machine can clean the oranges. It can also be used with an orange grader and orange juicer.

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Applicable Industries: Orange,Citrus,Fruit
Brand Name: Taizy
Video Outgoing-inspection: Yes
Warranty: One year
Material: SUS304
Customized service: Yes
Payment: T/T,L/C,Trade Assurance,Western Union

Oranges are one of the more important fruits in our daily life. Oranges are rich in nutrients, they are rich in citric acid, vitamins, and other essential elements for the human body. Tangerines harvested from the farm need to undergo certain processing before being packaged and distributed to the market. Among them, the orange washing machine cleans the oranges, which is the first step of the orange processing. And this bubble-type orange fruit washing machine is a common washing machine for many fruit and vegetable washing. Then I will introduce this bubble-type orange cleaning machine to you.

Citrus fruit washing machine introduction

Citrus fruit washing machine
Citrus Fruit Washing Machine

Citrus fruit washing machine is a bubble-type washing machine. It has two main cleaning areas. The first stage is rinsing in a pool, and the second stage is a high-pressure spray on the conveyor belt. After the first stage of cleaning, the washing machine uses sparkling water to clean the oranges. After the first stage of cleaning with sparkling water, the oranges were almost cleaned. Then it is conveyed to the high-pressure spray area by the conveyor belt for secondary cleaning. After these two cleanings, the external impurities of the citrus were thoroughly cleaned.

The advantages of bubble fruit cleaning machine for cleaning oranges

The tumbling of the sparkling water drives the citrus movement for cleaning, and it will not damage the material. The impact size of the high-pressure sprayed water can also be adjusted according to the nature of the material, so the orange fruit washing machine will not damage the citrus. And the whole machine is made of all 304 stainless steel, which meets the food safety and hygiene standards.

Bubble type fruit washer
Bubble Type Fruit Washer

The water in the bubble pool in the first section can be recycled through the circulation pipeline. The cleaned sediment flows out through the sediment collection port next to it. Moreover, it can also choose to add a surfing device or an ozone device according to the cleaning materials.

Orange washing machine parameters

orange washing machine parameters list

Common orange application

Tangerine is warm in nature, sweet and sour in taste, and has the effect of promoting body fluid and quenching thirst. Not only can oranges be eaten raw as a fruit, but they can also be processed into desserts, snacks, drinks, and more. Such as canned, preserves, jam, jelly, fructose, fruit juice, fruit wine, etc. In addition, orange peel, orange pit, orange network, orange leaves, and orange flesh can also be used in pharmaceuticals.

Orange application
Orange Application

Common orange processing machines

Common orange processing machines mainly include orange washing machines, orange juicers, and orange classifiers.

The orange fruit washing machine is responsible for cleaning the oranges without damaging the outer skin of the oranges.

The orange grading machine separates citrus of different sizes. According to the number of separation grades, it can divide the oranges into 4~7 grades, and the grading size can be customized.

Orange citrus grader
Orange Citrus Grader

An orange juicing machine is used to squeeze out the rich juice contained in oranges. The orange juicer is composed of a screw extrusion structure.

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