bubble surfing vegetable fruit washing machine

Bubble surfing vegetable fruit washing machine with ozone

The bubble surfing type vegetable fruit washing machine is widely used in washing all kinds of vegetables and fruits. It uses bubble surfing and high-pressure spray to clean the raw materials, which will not damage the vegetables and fruits.

Quick Details

Applicable Industries: All kinds of vegetables and fruits, root vegetables and leafy vegetables
Brand Name: Taizy
Video Outgoing-inspection: Yes
Warranty: One year
Material: SUS304

The bubble vegetable fruit washing machine uses bubble surfing to clean fruits and vegetables, it will not damage the vegetables and fruits. The multifunctional bubble surfing vegetable and fruit cleaning machine have a good cleaning effect after double cleaning by water bubble cleaning and high-pressure cleaning. Moreover, it can realize the self-filtering and recycling of water, protect resources and save costs. Vegetable cleaning equipment is widely used and applicable in fruit and vegetable processing enterprises.

Commercial vegetable fruit washing machine application

The commercial bubble vegetable fruit washing machine widely applies for cleaning various fruits and vegetables.

Root vegetables:potato,carrot,radish,Lotus root,cassava,onion,ginger

Leafy vegetables:aloe,artichoke,broccoli florets,salad leaves,green vegetable,cabbage

Fruits:jackfruit,cherry,mango,pineapple,strawberry,dates(jujube),apple,passion fruit

Commercial vegetable washing machine application
Commercial Vegetable Washing Machine Application

Video of bubble washing machine

Structure and working principle

The bubble fruit vegetable washing machine is mainly composed of a tank body, inner tank body, sediment isolation net, lifting device, bubble generating device, and other parts.

Water bubble vegetable fruit washing machine
Water Bubble Vegetable Fruit Washing Machine

Its working principle: the machine equips with a high-pressure fan. After starting the machine, the high-pressure fan generates bubbles in the pool, causing the water to roll. Vegetables and fruits are tumbling under the action of the tumbling blisters, thus achieving the effect of cleaning. At the same time, the tumbling blisters push the fruits and vegetables forward. At the end of the machine, there is a hoist to lift the fruits and vegetables after washing with water bubbles. While lifting, the high-pressure spray pipe on the top sprays fruits and vegetables for secondary cleaning. And the cleaning water can be recycled by the circulating water tank.

Equipped with ozone device

This bubble surfing vegetable fruit washing machine can also equip with an ozone device. The oxygen produced by the ozone generator can degrade pesticides and cost residues in fruits and vegetables. It can effectively sterilize and kill a large number of bacteria and viruses that multiply in the water.

The oxygen produced by the ozone generator enters the water and merges with the water. The generated bubbles clean the fruits and vegetables. And the fruits and vegetables are washed repeatedly, so it can remove pesticide residues on the fruits and vegetables. It ensures that nutrition will not be lost, and keep fresh for a long time.

Highlights of vegetable fruit washing machine

1. The whole machine adopts all SUS304 stainless steel, which conforms to the national food industry standard.

2. Use bubble tumbling, brushing, and spraying techniques to clean objects.

3. The cleaning speed of the bubble surf cleaning machine can be adjusted. And the customer can adjust it according to the material and cleaning requirements.

4. Commercial vegetable and fruit washing machine has a variety of models and the output can be adjusted. So it can meet the requirements of various sizes of vegetable and fruit processing enterprises.

Vegetable fruit cleaning machine raw material
Vegetable Fruit Cleaning Machine Raw Material

5. The machine has a compact structure and a high degree of automation. It widely applies for cleaning various vegetables, such as spinach, celery, beans, cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, carrots, apples, mustard, onions, peppers, and other lumpy fruits and vegetables. Vegetable cleaning equipment.

6. The equipment equips with a circulating water pump and a filter water tank to realize the recycling of cleaning water, save water. It replaces with new water according to the actual production situation;

7. The industrial bubble fruit and vegetable cleaning machine have a spray device, which sprays the product after completing the cleaning and transports it to the next process to reduce secondary pollution.

Industrial vegetable fruit washing machine parameters