bubble lettuce washing machine
bubble lettuce washing machine

Lettuce washing machine

There are two types of machines for washing lettuce, the bubble type and the vortex lettuce washing machine. Click on the URL to view specific details.

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Applicable Industries: Lettuce,cabbage,green leafy vegetables,vegetables,fruits
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What would you do if you were washing fragile lettuce in large batches? I would recommend you to use a commercial vegetable washing machine for cleaning. However, the general lettuce washing machine can achieve the effect of cleaning, but it will also damage the material. Is there a machine that can achieve a powerful cleaning effect without damaging the lettuce? Of course, there is. As a manufacturer of fruit and vegetable processing machines, we recommend two green leafy vegetable washing machines suitable for washing lettuce, cabbage, and other leafy vegetables.

Lettuce washing machine introduction

Lettuce belongs to the genus Lettuce of the Compositae family and is so named because it is suitable for eating raw. It eats popular vegetables from European and American countries, with a crisp texture and a fresh and fragrant taste. Be especially careful when washing lettuce because of its crisp texture. The machine for washing lettuce should choose a machine that will not damage the vegetables. General machines cannot meet this requirement. There are two types of machines suitable for washing lettuce. One is a bubble fruit and vegetable washing machine, and the other is an eddy current washing machine. The following two machines are introduced to you.

Two types of lettuce cleaning machines

Bubble fruit and vegetable washing machine

Bubble vegetable fruit washing machine
Bubble Vegetable Fruit Washing Machine

Bubble fruit and vegetable washing machine is widely used to clean all kinds of vegetables and fruits. It cleans both firm root vegetables and soft leafy vegetables. Moreover, two cleaning processes are used in the cleaning process, and the cleaning effect is greatly enhanced. It does not damage soft fruits and vegetables when washing, making it one of the most popular fruits and vegetable washing machines. And the output of the fruit and vegetable washing machine expands with the length of the machine.

Eddy current lettuce washing machine

Eddy current lettuce washing machine
Eddy Current Lettuce Washing Machine

The eddy current washing machine is a green leafy vegetable washing machine specially developed for soft leafy vegetables. It is not only suitable for cleaning whole leafy vegetables, but also for the cleaning of cut leafy vegetables. The machine integrates cleaning, vibration, and drainage, and can effectively separate sediment, impurities, and broken vegetable leaves. The eddy current lettuce cleaning machine uses the cleaning water to form a vortex, and the vortex drives the material to rotate to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Green leafy vegetable processing machine
Green Leafy Vegetable Processing Machine

For supermarkets, agricultural products processing plants, and other places that need to process lettuce in large quantities, lettuce processing equipment is required to use automated lettuce processing equipment. Common lettuce processing equipment mainly includes a lettuce washing machine and vegetable cutting machine. Moreover, in addition to the above stand-alone machines, Taize Machinery also provides a production line for processing lettuce. The washing machine, vegetable cutting machine can be combined with a vibrating drainer, conveyor belt, air dryer, and other machines to form a lettuce cleaning and drying production line. Please contact us if you would like to process lettuce or other leafy vegetables.