Why Taizy peanut peeling machine is hot-sale?

The commercial peanut peeling machine of Taizy factory is mostly used in various restaurants and food factories for deep processing of different peanut foods. Our factory’s peanut peeling machine has been very popular since it was launched, and currently, about 20 sets are exported to various countries every month. The countries we often cooperate with include the United States, Canada, South Africa, Kenya, etc.

Commercial peanut peeling machine for sale
commercial peanut peeling machine for sale

Why buy a peanut peeling machine?

  1. Large market demand for peanut deep processing: Peanut is a widely planted crop and one of the main agricultural products in many countries. As people’s demand for healthy food increases, the market demand for peanuts and their related products is also increasing. The peanut red skin peeling machine can replace a large amount of labor and quickly carry out deep processing of peanuts, so its demand is very large and it has a broad market prospect.
  2. Improve the production efficiency of peanut deep processing: With the continuous upgrading of food processing technology and the continuous increase of market demand, there are many opportunities in the peanut peeler machine market. For example, the agricultural industry in some emerging market countries is still relatively backward, so it is necessary to introduce a large number of advanced agricultural equipment and technologies, including groundnut peeling machines. In addition, the agricultural product processing industry in some countries and regions also needs a large number of peanut kernel peeling machines to improve production efficiency and product quality.
Groundnut peeler for shipping to amercia
groundnut peeler for shipping to America

What should we pay attention to when buying a peanut peeling machine?

  1. Performance of peanut peeling equipment: We usually pay attention to the working performance and technical parameters of the machine, such as peanut peeling efficiency, peeling rate, loss rate, energy consumption, etc. We all hope to buy a peanut peeling machine with stable performance, high efficiency, and a low loss rate to improve production efficiency and reduce costs.
  2. The quality of the peanut peeling machine: Although the machine is a small peanut processing equipment, we should also pay attention to the quality and durability of the machine. In addition, the wearing parts and supporting equipment of the peanut peeling machine should also be clearly understood. We should try our best to buy machines with reliable quality and long life to avoid machine failure and frequent replacement of parts.
  3. Good after-sales service: A peanut peeling machine is a kind of machine that needs frequent maintenance and maintenance. We must ensure that the selected manufacturer can provide us with timely, professional, and thoughtful after-sales service to ensure the normal operation and production efficiency of the machine.

Advantages of Taizy peanut peeling equipment

The peanut peeling machine at Taizy factory uses advanced airflow separation technology to remove the outer skin of peanuts in just a few minutes while keeping the peanuts intact.

In addition to high efficiency and ease of use, our peanut peeling machine also has many advantages, such as simple structure, easy to clean and maintain; it can be adjusted according to the size and quantity of peanuts. In addition, it also has good safety performance and high durability, suitable for use on various occasions.

Peanut peeling equipment working video