Precautions and notes for using the small spice grinding machine

A small spice grinder machine (also called a grain mill grinding machine) is widely used in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries for the fine crushing of solid materials with low hardness. A toothed disk-type spice grinding machine for small business is more widely used with the features of uniform and adjustable powder fineness and various yields. In the usual use, do you know what matters need to pay attention to in order to ensure the stable work of the small spice grinding machine and long service life?

Notes on the selection of raw materials

A small spice grinder machine is suitable for crushing oil-bearing materials, and also non-oil-bearing materials, but the ultra-fine powder grinder requires the diameter of the raw material not to be too large. The ultra-fine spice powder grinder can not be used to crush hard and tough block materials and long materials, because too large or too hard materials can easily lead to the rupture of the screen.

Suggestions for installation & commissioning of small spice grinder machine

  1. Before starting the small spice grinding machine, users must check whether the door of the machine is closed, tighten the hand wheel, and position bolts when closing the door.
  2. Connect the water cooling device to ensure that the water source is sufficient, the operation is strictly prohibited to cut off the water.
  3. Turn on the power and check whether the direction of rotation of the motor is according to the direction of the marked arrow. If the opposite, please adjust the motor junction box wiring.
  4. When the motor rotates in the correct direction, start the machine and let it work idly for 30 minutes. If the machine is not stable or has abnormal sounds, stop in time to check. Regularly check the lubrication condition, and add lubricating grease in time.
  5. Then feed slowly and evenly, do not fill up the hopper, and pay attention to whether current overload occurs to prevent damage to equipment.
  6. If there is a huge vibration and noise and other adverse conditions in operation, shut down the spice grinding machine for small business in time to check.
  7. Keep the machine lubricated, and clean. Once found machine failures or defects, repair or make a replacement in time.
Small spice grinding machines
Small Spice Grinding Machines

Precautions in use of the small spice grinding machine

  • The small powder grinder is equipped with 2-3 screens of different fineness. Based on processing requirements and the nature of the material, you need to choose the right screen for the crushing chamber. After the screen is installed and then close the cover, and then open the power supply, let the machine run for about 1 minute and then slowly make the material flow into the crushing chamber.
  • The receiving hopper should be placed under the ultra fine spice powder grinder. If it is not placed well, the powder will flutter out and cause waste. The hopper is made of a 304 steel plate. If the hopper is deformed, you can correct it by hand or tool.
  • If you need to stop during operation, you need to close the feed hopper first, and try to make the crushed materials in the chamber before shutting down the machine.
  • After the grinding is finished, turn off the machine and unplug the power socket before opening the cover to clean the crushing chamber and replace the screen.

Other notes

1. The grinding effects of the small spice grinder machine can be different from seasons, air temperatures, and cooling water temperatures.

2. Different materials ground produce different heat, and the temperature rise is also different.

3. The lower the water temperature in the water cooling device, the better the cooling effect.

4. Different materials have different melting points, and ignition points, so the user has a full understanding of the crushed material.

5. The water-cooled device is additionally installed. A nitrogen device can be added according to customer needs.


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