700kg/h automatic onion peeling machine exported to the UK!

An automatic onion peeling machine is mainly used for continuous and efficient peeling of onions. Dry peeling by airflow greatly guarantees the integrity of the onions. The whole working process of the onion skin peeling machine does not need to use water, or blades. The surface of the peeled onion is smooth and harmless, the peeled onion and onion skin is automatically separated. The onion skin peeling machine is highly automatic, hygienic, and safe, serving as advanced onion peeling equipment. Recently, our company has exported the onion peeling machine to the UK, and the perfect performance of the onion peeling machine UK brought us good customer feedback.

Onion skin removing machine features

Onion peeling machine uk
Onion Peeling Machine Uk
  • Broad processing range of onion: there is no limit to the size of the onion. Oval, flat, extra small onion, extra large onion, etc. can be peeled.
  • High peeling power: no matter whether the onion skin is thick and thin, the skin is loose or the onion is refrigerated, it can be peeled clean at one time.
  • High degree of automation, high production efficiency, and various output options. The specially designed peeling method makes this onion peeling machine UK have an extra high output.
  • The adoption of knifeless peeling: the peeled onions are smooth and without damage.
  • The amount of onion peeling can be freely controlled, saving costs and reducing onion loss.
  • Energy-saving design: the power of the motor and the air compressor used are not high, and it belongs to the energy-saving and environmental protection equipment.

Introduction to the order of onion peeling machine UK

Onion peeling machine uk in wooden package
Onion Peeling Machine Uk In Wooden Package

Our customer Sim from the UK is engaged in the onion processing business. As his business scale expanded, he needed a more efficient onion skin removing machine with a larger output. To reduce the labor cost, he planned to purchase a highly automatic onion peeling machine with automatic feeding and discharging functions. Attracted by our machine on the website, he contacted us soon. Our sales representative recommended the model of TZ-A-1 to him after knowing his specific requirements. The machine capacity is 700kg/h, the machine power is 1.5kw and the machine size is 2.1*0.83*1.8m. After detailed negotiation with the machine specification, packing, and delivery issues, Sim placed an order with us. Now, he has received the machine and it runs well in his local place.

Why do customers choose Taizy onion skin peeling machines?

Onion peeling machine manufacturer
Onion Peeling Machine Manufacturer

Taizy Machinery is a leading vegetable and fruit processing equipment manufacturer with over 10 years of industrial experience. Our company integrates design, production, and selling as a whole, and have sent our machines to a great number of countries. The onion peeling machine UK is one of the examples. Our products are designed to meet specific processing demands of various vegetables and fruits, including washing, grading and sorting, peeling, cutting, grinding, juicing, drying, freezing, etc. Our company provides high-quality products, specialized technical service, and perfect pre-sales, in-sale, and after-sales services. Advanced and reliable machines, comprehensive and considerate services have allowed us to win the trust of global customers. Welcome to contact us to get specialized business advice and the best price.