Coconut powder making machine

A coconut powder making machine makes fine powder by high-speed rotation of toothed knife, suitable for coconut, other fruits, vegetables.

Quick Details

A coconut powder-making machine is also called a fruit and vegetable grinding machine. The coconut grinding machine grinds materials quickly by high-speed rotation of the toothed knife. The coconut meat grinder is suitable for grinding coconut meat, pineapple, potatoes, carrots, chili, other fruits, vegetables, etc. With various capacities, the coconut powder machine is applicable in small, medium, and large food plants. After continuous improvement and optimization of design, our coconut grinder machine has become one of the most popular and must-selected machines for coconut and other fruit and vegetable processing manufacturers. Coconut meat grinding machine is very popular in many countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and other countries.

Uses and benefits of coconut powder

Machine-processed coconut powder has a variety of uses. For example, coconut powder can be used to make coconut milk, and it can also be used to make coconut candy, bread cakes and other dessert ingredients, and staple food ingredients.

Coconut meat powder is rich in nutrients. Regular and reasonable consumption of coconut powder can improve our immunity and supplement the protein needed by the human body. Coconut powder contains a lot of protein, which can promote the growth and development of children, promote the body’s whole-body metabolism, and effectively delay aging. Coconut powder is rich in vitamins, such as vitamin E and vitamin C, which can supplement the nutrients needed by the human body and enhance physical fitness.

Desiccated coconut powder
Desiccated Coconut Powder

Video of coconut meat grinding machine

Why does this coconut grinder machine stand out?

The coconut powder-making machine adopts advanced cone-disc to grind raw materials. The knives are made of special steel to be hardened so that the cone disc can smash food more efficiently under high-speed rotation.

This coconut grinding machine is all made of stainless steel. All the tooth grooves inside the casing (grinding groove) are precision machined to achieve a smooth surface and easy to clean. The production of food, medicines, and chemicals can better meet the national standards and meet sanitation requirements.

This desiccated coconut powder machine is ideal for crushing fibrous materials. Compared with others, the temperature of the product is low and the particle size is uniform. The machine is especially suitable for the crushing of heat-sensitive materials such as sugar, plastic powder, and medicine.

Coconut powder making machine
Coconut Powder Making Machine

Features of coconut powder making machine

  • Diverse applications: coconut, carrot, potato, pepper, chili, and fruits, as well as pharmaceuticals, chemical materials, etc.
  • Large output and high efficiency. The output is generally from 300kg/h to 3000kg/h. The output of the machine can also be customized according to customer needs.
  • Fast grinding process and uniform grinding effect. The fineness and specification of the crushed coconut powder can be adjusted.
  • The height of the feeding port and the discharging direction of the coconut meat grinding machine can be customized and manufactured according to the needs of customers.
  • The body is designed in stainless steel to meet food safety requirements.
  • The operation process is simple and convenient, easy to clean, easy to maintain, sturdy, and durable.
  • Stable technical performance, no shaking during operation, and low noise.
  • The coconut grinder machine has a reasonable structure, small size, and beautiful appearance.
Coconut meat grinding machine
Coconut Meat Grinding Machine

Coconut meat grinder structure

The coconut grinder machine is mainly composed of a feeding hopper, a grinding disc, a frame, the main shaft, a bearing seat, and a motor. The coconut meat enters the feed hopper and is forced to press the coconut meat onto the grinding disc through the feeding guide bar so that the coconut meat is ground, and fine-grained coconut powder is obtained.

How does a coconut powder machine grind coconut meat?

The spiral structure is distributed around the crushing chamber of the coconut powder making machine. After the coconut meat enters the crushing chamber, under the action of the spiral and the rotating cone, the pressure is continuously generated on the crushing cone. The toothed blades are evenly distributed on the rotating plate, and the blades rotating with the cone plate cut, beat, and grind the coconut meat, thereby crushing the coconut meat into powder.


Coconut powder machine manufacturer
Coconut Powder Machine Manufacturer
Machine Dimensions800*700*1160MM1000*800*1200MM1200*800*1400MM
Electrical Specifications380V/50HZ380V/50HZ380V/50HZ
Motor speed3800r/min3800r/min3800r/min

The TZ-YM250, TZ-YM500, and TZ-YM1000 are three standard models of our coconut powder making machine. The Model TZ-YM250 has a relatively small output, suitable for small-scale vegetable and fruit processing plants. The other two types have larger outputs, fit for medium or large businesses. The standard voltage and frequency are 380V/50HZ, and we can change them based on different customers’ needs. As a coconut powder machine manufacturer, we also provide customization services in terms of machine size, outputs, material, spare parts, etc.

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