cocoa bean peeling machine

Cocoa bean peeling machine

Cocoa bean peeling machine is a special equipment for processing cocoa beans and peanuts. The cocoa bean peeling machine has high peeling efficiency, and the removal rate can reach more than 95%.

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The cocoa bean peeling machine is the special equipment for processing cocoa beans and peanuts. The cocoa peeling machine has high peeling efficiency, and the removal rate can reach 98%. The cocoa beans and cocoa skins are separated automatically after peeling. This commercial cocoa bean peeler machine is a process in cocoa bean processing. It can also combine with an industrial roasting machine, screening machines, packaging machines, etc. to form a cocoa bean processing production line.

Characteristics of cocoa bean peeling machine

  • The cocoa peeling machine has the characteristics of simple and compact structure, convenient operation, stable performance, safety, and reliability.
  • This cocoa bean peeling machine can peel cocoa beans of different sizes by adjusting the gap between the rollers. This machine meets the requirements for peeling cocoa beans of different sizes.
  • Equipped with a dust suction device, the cocoa bean skin by a cocoa bean peeler can be absorbed by the dust suction device to realize the separation of beans and skins.
  • It has the advantages of a high degree of automation, high half-turning rate, low noise, and no pollution.
  • The peeled cocoa beans are in the shape of half grains. This cocoa peeling machine is also an ideal machine for processing cocoa nibs.
Commercial cocoa nibs maker
Commercial Cocoa Nibs Maker

Cocoa peeling machine structure

This cocoa peeling equipment is composed of peeling rollers, fans, and specific gravity sorting parts, with a simple and compact structure, easy and stable operation, and stable performance. This machine consists of a material box, a feeder, a material sieve, a rolling roller, a dust collector, etc. The rubber rollers are used for rubbing, so as to achieve the purpose of peeling at one time, which has the characteristics of high output, low power consumption, no damage, and no pollution.

How does the cocoa peeler work?

The cocoa beans are first fed into the hopper of the cocoa bean skin peeling machine, they evenly fall, got rolled, and peeled by the peeling rollers, and then the peeled skin is sucked out of the cocoa bean peeling machine by the wind force by the fan for storage. The peeled cocoa bean kernels are discharged through the feeding port, and all the peeling and kernels can be separately obtained by adjusting the size of the wind force and the size of the peeling gap.

Cocoa bean peeling machine
Cocoa Bean Peeling Machine


Peeling rate98%

The model of TZ-C-1 is a standard type of cocoa peeling machine with an output of 500kg/h. The motor power is 0.75kw and the extension power is 0.37kw. The voltage is generally 380V. For non-standard specifications, we can customize the cocoa peer equipment in terms of machine material, machine size, voltage, capacity, spare parts, etc. Our cocoa bean peeler machine has been popular in a large number of countries, like the United States, Turkey, Thailand, Nigeria, Cameron, and others.

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