small commercial peanut roasting machine
small commercial peanut roasting machine

Small gas peanut roasting machine | nut roaster for sale

Commercial peanut roasting machine have two heating methods: electric and gas heating. It is suitable for roasting peanuts, sesame, soybeans, walnuts, peppers, fennel and other materials

Quick Details

Model: Multi models
Applicable Industries: peanut,sesame,soybean,coffee bean,cashew,walnut,ect.
Power: 1.1kw~5.5kw
Brand Name: Taizy
Video Outgoing-inspection: Yes
Warranty: One year
Customized service: Yes
Payment: T/T,L/C,Trade Assurance,Western Union

The commercial small peanut roasting machine is a machine designed by Taizy to roast peanuts, sesame, and other raw materials. It mainly uses electricity or gas as the energy source to heat the drum. Then the heat on the drum transfers to the raw material to heat the mature material. Therefore, this machine is also called a drum nut roaster. The commercial peanut roaster machine has a variety of models and output, which can realize automatic discharging.

Overview of small peanut roasting machine

Scope of application: Peanuts, sesame, soybeans, chestnuts, spices, peppers, and other materials

Heating method: Electric heating and gas heating


Automatic nut roaster
Automatic Nut Roaster

Commercial nut roasting machine application

This commercial nut roaster is not only suitable for roasting nuts such as peanuts, sesame, walnuts, etc. It can also be used for dehydration and drying food.

Nuts: peanuts, melon seeds, almonds, cashews, walnuts, chestnuts, etc.

Condiments: chili, pepper, fennel, etc.

Drinks: coffee beans, Tartary buckwheat, oatmeal, malt

Commercial peanut roaster application
Commercial Peanut Roaster Application

Commercial nut roaster running video

Automatic electric peanut roaster machine advantages

1. Adopts the roller to transfer heat, the roller is heated evenly and has the function of heat preservation.

2. Automatic rotating and discharging, forward rotation for feeding and baking, reverse rotation for discharging.

3. Adopts the intelligent control panel to control the whole baking process, which is easy to operate.

4. The peanuts keep rotating with the drum inside the drum. Therefore, it allows all aspects of peanuts to be evenly heated to prevent sticking to the pot.

5. Wide application range. This small peanut roasting machine can be used to roast nuts, beans, nuts, and other foods.

6. The baking effect is good, the intelligent control panel controls the baking, and it will not burn.

7. The design of the machine is reasonable, the operation is convenient, and the use cost is low.

Small gas peanut roasting machine
Small Gas Peanut Roasting Machine

Industrial groundnut roasting machine details

Feed inlet

The feed inlet is the entrance for raw materials such as peanuts to enter the machine


Open the handle and the machine reverses to complete the discharging of the baking ingredients

Receiving tray

The receiving tray is mainly used to collect the waste generated during the baking process.

Electric control cabinet

The electric control cabinet is used to control the temperature of the oven.

Rotating handle

When the power is off, the rotating handle can be used for manual discharging.

Automatic groundnut roasting machine parameters

ModelSize(mm)Capacity(kg/h)Power(Kw)Electric heating power(kw)Gas consumption(kg)

50~300kg peanut roasting machine pictures