Automatic vegetable cutting machine sold to Malaysia

The automatic vegetable cutting machine can be used to process all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and can replace manual work such as fast slicing, dicing and cutting of fruits and vegetables. The industrial vegetable cutting machines of Taizy factory have been widely exported to Southeast Asian countries recently. Last weekend, we exported the automatic vegetable cutter to Malaysia again.

Why chose Taizy vegetable cutting machine for Malaysia?

In fact, this is the second time for this Malaysian customer to cooperate with our Taizy factory. The customer ordered a fruit and vegetable air bubble cleaner from our factory in October last year, which is used for cleaning potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro and other root vegetables.

Vegetable cutting machine of taizy factory
vegetable cutting machine of Taizy factory

The client has a medium-sized fruit and vegetable plantation. His vegetable garden regularly supplies freshly picked fresh vegetables and processed packaged vegetables to a local supermarket every month. After nearly a year of use, the customer is very satisfied with the working efficiency and product quality of the bubble cleaning machine in our factory. So when he decided to buy a commercial vegetable cutter, he contacted us directly for a quote.

Requirements of the Malaysia order for vegetable cutting machine

The Malaysian customer wants to buy a large-capacity multifunctional vegetable cutter, which can process all kinds of vegetable dices, vegetable slices, and vegetable segments. We recommended an automatic vegetable cutter with a processing capacity of 400kg/h according to his needs.

Vegetale cutting
vegetale cutting

Because this customer is an old customer who repurchases, we gave him a discount on the vegetable cutter, and also gave him 3 sets of replaceable cutters of different shapes for free.

The Malaysian customer was very satisfied with the quotation of the vegetable cutter we provided, and paid us the full amount soon. He also said that he will definitely choose to cooperate with us again when he has other needs for fruit and vegetable processing machinery in the future.

Parameters of vegetable cutting machine for Malaysia

Cutting size1~60mm(adjusted)
Slice size2-10mm
Shredded size2-10mm
Dice size8mm、10mm、12mm、15mm、20mm

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