400kg/h Almond Sheller Machine Shipped to Canada

Taizy’s almond sheller machines were shipped to Canada last week for shelling almonds quickly with a capacity of 400kg/h. This commercial almond shelling machine can replace the manual shelling of large quantities of almonds. The shelling process will not damage the nuts, and the peeling rate is as high as over 85%. If you also need such nut shelling equipment, you are welcome to consult us for detailed information about this machine.

Commercial almond sheller machines shipment
commercial almond sheller machine shipment

Customer profile for almond sheller machine

In the bustling landscape of Canada’s food processing sector, a small-scale facility specializing in various nuts sought to optimize its almond processing. Focused on elevating both output and efficiency in almond shelling, the client embarked on a search for a commercial-grade almond sheller machine.

Sourcing excellence on Alibaba

Navigating the international market on Alibaba, the Canadian client diligently explored offerings from various Chinese suppliers. Gathering quotes from different manufacturers, the client aimed to make an informed decision in selecting the optimal almond sheller machine.

Taizy stock of almond shelling machines
Taizy stock of almond shelling machines

Tailored solutions from Taizy factory

Taizy Factory, responsive to the client’s needs, presented a range of almond sheller machines with diverse configurations. Customizing our offerings to match the client’s specific requirements, we provided comprehensive quotations.

Beyond that, we supplied essential documentation, including qualification certificates, and instructional videos detailing the seamless operation of our almond sheller.

Almond sheller machine delivery for canada
almond sheller machine delivery for Canada

Trust and comprehensive service wins

After meticulous consideration, the Canadian client opted to partner with Taizy Factory. The decision was grounded in trust, with the client recognizing the reliability of our products and the attentiveness of our service. As the almond sheller machine begins its journey to Canada, we anticipate contributing to the efficiency and success of the client’s nut processing operations.

In choosing Taizy Factory, the client embraced not just a machine but a partnership founded on reliability, tailored solutions, and unwavering support. Besides the almond shelling machine, our factory also supplies other nut processing equipment, such as peanut roasting machines, almond slicing machines, and so on.