How much does a brush potato washing peeling machine price?

Potatoes can be processed into a variety of products, such as potato chips, fries, potato flour, and food and beverage R&D products. Due to the wide range of uses of potatoes, many food processing plants need to process potatoes. The first step in the processing of potatoes is to wash the potatoes. The brush potato washing and peeling machine is a washing machine for processing potatoes in large quantities. So what is the brush potato washing and peeling machine price?

Introduction of brush potato washing machine

Brush potato washing machines are also known as brush root vegetable washing machines. It is a washing machine specially developed for root vegetables for washing and peeling. This machine is widely used for cleaning various root vegetables, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and other products. Since the cleaning machine has two kinds of brushes, it has two functions: separate cleaning, cleaning, and peeling. The brush potato washing machine has a reasonable design and structure, simple operation, and large processing capacity. It is widely used in restaurants, canteens, potato processing plants, agricultural product processing companies, etc.

Potato cleaning peeling machine display
Machine Display

Components of a brush potato washing machine

The brush cleaning machine mainly includes frame, brush roller, turbine reducer, sprocket, chain, and water pipe combination. The most important part of the machine is the brush roller. Driven by the motor, the brush roller moves in the opposite direction with the potatoes, thereby rubbing the potatoes and peeling them. The water pipe connects to the high-pressure nozzle of the machine to spray water to wash the material to achieve the purpose of cleaning.


How much does a brush potato washing machine cost?

The above-mentioned advantages of many potato cleaning and peeling machines, so what is the price of the cleaning machine? The price of the brush potato washing machine is mainly related to the material of the machine, the number, and the model of brush rollers. All Taizy fruit and vegetable processors have more than one model, it has multiple models to meet the needs of different customers. The larger the model of the machine, the larger its output and the higher the price.

The material and quantity of the brush roller will also affect the price of the machine. Compared with other manufacturers using carbon steel or other materials to make machines, Taize uses all 304 stainless steel to make machines. If you want to know the price of potato washing and peeling machine, please contact us. After knowing your cleaning needs and output, we will recommend the right machine for you and quote you.


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